UC Women's Initiative for Professional Development

UCOP has announced the 2020 UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development (UC WI). 

UC WI is an experiential professional development program offered to mid-career women faculty, non-faculty academics, and staff who demonstrate the potential to advance their careers at UC. (Please note this is not the same program as the UC-wide CORO initiative. A call for nominations for that program will be made separately and is directed at individuals in positions of leadership only.)

UCSF will be accepting winter and spring 2020 nominations until October 4, 2019. 

If you are interested in nominating someone, please review the following information:


·       UC WI Program and Nomination Overview

·       UCSF 2020 UCWI Nomination Form


A call for nominations for the 2020-21 academic year will take place in March 2020.