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CLCA Members Lisa Cisneros and Alicia Fernández Win 2021 Founders Day Awards

CLCA Wins National Higher Education Award







COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Updates from our partners at the Latinx Center of Excellence

Near weekly webinars recorded and posted on the LCOE website.

A COVID Resources Page answers questions asked by community members and partners has been created.

"Who lies beneath the flattened curve: LatinX and COVID-19"

Read a San Francisco Examiner (April 9, 2020) article here written by Marlene Martín, Alicia Fernández and Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo.

LULAC Launches Website To Help The Latino Community

Nation’s oldest and largest Latino Civil Rights Organization launches an online platform to provide individuals impacted by COVID-19 with resources and important information at [email protected]

CLCA Mission

The Chicanx Latinx Campus Association seeks to:

  • Increase representation of faculty and staff in various leadership roles at UCSF.
  • Boost the numbers of tenure-ranked faculty across UCSF.
  • Recruit and enroll more Chicanx/Latinx students and trainees from the San Francisco Bay Area and within the state of California at UCSF.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for Chicanx/Latinx staff to help them learn new skills to advance their careers at UCSF.
  • Address and give voice to issues affecting the climate, health and livelihood of members of Chicanx/Latinx community at UCSF.
  • Recognize the contributions and accomplishments of the Chicanx/Latinx community at UCSF.

¡Si Se Puede!

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CLCA is a standing committee of the UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach